Our Engineered Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Engineered wood comes from the same place as solid wood, but rather than being one thick piece of wood, it instead, is composed of approximately 5 millimeters of reclaimed hardwood glued on top of 5/8 to 3/4″ of plywood. The resulting plank is then shaped with a tongue and groove so it installs with a very similar look to solid wood flooring. Due to its multi-ply composition, pre engineered wood can be more stable than solid wood and it is less susceptible to shrinking and expanding with changes in temperatures and humidity. Pre Engineered wood flooring also comes ready to install, versus solid hardwood flooring that requires more preparation.

Advantages of installing Pre Engineered Reclaimed Wood Flooring:

  • Pre Engineered wood flooring can be installed directly over concrete without the need to add a subfloor.
  • Engineered flooring can be glued-down directly to a concrete slab, or stapled down to a wood subfloor.
  • Engineered wood flooring is much easier to install if you are planning a DIY project
  • The professional installation of Engineered wood flooring is typically less costly and takes less time to install
  • Engineered wood flooring can appear to be more consistent in look and feel
  • Engineered wood flooring typically cannot be resurfaced however, it can be recoated to renew the surface of the floor.